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New Nintendo 3DS & 3DS XL Review


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  1. Nintendo home to the sonic and pokemon fanbase aka the most vile group of
    dedicated nerds in the world. Now the hypocrite defendos have emerged to
    damage control 3DS remastered edition. Laughably pathetic. Vita will
    forever be better and thats a fact.

  2. I have a shit load of PS1, PSP, Indies and Vita games on my Vita. I need a
    128gb Vita card. My porn won’t fit. Jk My Anime won’t fit.

  3. Why couldn’t they have two full thumb sticks, and no charger? Nintendo is
    always high. 

  4. Jesus why does everything have to be competition? If you like your Vita,
    great! If you like your PC, fucking great! I like my 3DS and my consoles
    just fine. Play your shit in peace, as I do mine.

  5. Way do people always forget about the people that can’t see 3d it is just
    not fair 

  6. And here’s a whole bunch of reasons why someone might want to play a 3DS,
    which is not a PC:

    1. It has glasses free 3D built right in
    2. It has a whole stable of world class Nintendo games full of some of the
    most beloved characters in gaming
    3. It’s an oder of magnitude cheaper than your average PC
    4. You can play it on the go; on a bus, at school, in a cafe
    5. You don’t have to buy a separate controller to get console quality
    control in fighting, driving and platform games (as a few examples that are
    just totally clunky and bordering on unplayable on PC without an additional
    6. It will soon use amiibo figurines for an expanded collectible type
    7. It is mostly hassle free to set up, configure and play games on it. No
    installs. No convoluted PC operating system to navigate.
    8. You can easily play local multiple with a bunch of pals
    9. You don’t have to worry about your system getting hacked and flooded
    with viruses and malware
    10. You don’t have to install updates every other day, do regular system
    clean ups and defrag your system constantly
    11. It boots up in a matter of seconds rather than minutes, so you can get
    into that gaming session much quicker
    12. You can play it from the comfort of your couch

  7. will they have games dedicated to the new 3ds, or will i be able to play
    them on my old 3ds xl?

  8. Why was OoT 3D demoed on the N3DS instead of MM 3D? MM 3D is newer than
    OoT 3D. I know MM 3D isn’t out yet but neither is N3DS, well, not outside
    of Japan anyways, and there’s no way they could’ve played an English
    version of OoT 3D on a Japanese N3DS, so I know they were definitely using
    an English N3DS.

  9. Did they fix the browser too??

  10. My body is ready….. Just release it already Nintendo, would you?…….

  11. So when will this come out? Looks awesome, way better than my red 3DS XL.

  12. The console had too much water, an unpredictible AI, it was Too Hard to
    play games on cus it is not xbone and the multiplayer is totally broken but
    hey, I’m a huge Nintendo fanboy so here’s a 8.8 anyway!” – Ryan McCaffrey
    and Alien Isolation 5.9 IGN

  13. Was considering looking into an XL, I love my 3DS but the screen is often
    too small to adequately see everything that’s going on – especially in SSB.

  14. Dissapointed Nintendo give us a brand new 4ds stop milking us!!!!!!!!!

  15. For all psn players, I found this guide ->

  16. If the only they would get with the tines and update their screen
    resolutions. 240p is just sad. 

  17. holy shit, how is this not in the US? It’s like Nintendo doesn’t want my

  18. its carp like the rest if Nintendo. Another shitty 240p screen with ps1
    ports. Wooooooowwww. Ninedno suxs

  19. Can easily be submerged in water and short circuit. 7.8/9.1

  20. Handhelds are for complete and utter losers. I can just picture how
    pathetic you nerds look playing on your little nerd device how sad.

  21. I love how he was spending time on the new 3d software, but nearly each
    time they show the 3ds, the 3d is turned off.

  22. will we be able to transfer our eshop content from our old 3ds to the new
    3ds again like when the xl came out

  23. i wanted to know how good or bad youtube on 3ds would work, faster or
    slower than a smartphone. 

  24. too much water.

  25. …my question is what is the price? Second question is will gamestop or
    target or whoever have some sort of trade in deal for an old 3ds…
    considering thanks to pokebank I no longer have any need to own multiple
    nintendo handhelds… 

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