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PlayStation Vita Official Full Review


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Trigger Grips Case Replacement for Sony Playstation PS Vita

  • Oversized action buttons for easy game play.
  • Clips on easily, satin grip finish enhances comfort grip.
  • Trigger Grips add comfort for extended game play.
  • Tested to ensure PS Vita system won't come loose or get damaged when use with grips.
  • Package Include: 1 x Trigger Grips for PS Vita
Oversized action buttons for easy gameplay that easily clips on to the back of your PlayStation Vita. Features Trigger Grips and satin grip finish for enhanced comfort designed for extended game play. Tested to ensure PlayStation Vita System won't come loose or get damaged when used with grips.

List Price: $ 6.87 Price: $ 6.87

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  1. Filipino GamingBoy

    Guys pls help me

    Since my birthday is near, my mother has given me two options of gifts:
    iPhone 5s or PS Vita Slim. Which should i pick?

    Sorry for english

  2. do they sell the slim outside of the BL 2 bundle?

  3. Hey guys I need help !What should I ask for Christmas ps3, PS vita slim,or
    Wii u ? Keep in mind I don’t own a home console and if I get a ps3 or vita
    its mine and if I get Wii u with Mario kart 8 its for me and bros and we
    might get super smash bros if we get it. Pease someone answer !

  4. is it dead yet ? cause i really wanted to buy it. i want it so bad. is it
    worth my mom’s CC ?

  5. Whats your opinion on the really expensive SD cards?

  6. eddie10089PlaysAGame

    I like games such as borderlands 2, little big planet and cod, but on the
    3ds i like monster hunter and others. Which one should i get? I cant make
    the choice.

  7. When you said you can play ps4 games remotely does it mean you can actually
    access your ps4 games when you are OUTSIDE your home or you have to be at
    home and both the systems are connected to the same ip address aka they are
    both connected to the same networking. Thanks in advance. 

  8. I think I’ll get one but what games are coming out for it also are the slim
    white ones sold serperately

  9. Need help, guys…

    Can i play co-op with friends online via wifi with friends? And can voice
    chat be supported? If so, would i just purchase a bluetooth ear piece and
    yap away?

    Thinking about getting one for xmas

  10. got myself the old OLED version of Vita (I hate calling it ‘old’ – it’s
    just as good if not better, because of the screen!) – LOVE IT! Don’t have
    tons of games there yet, but working on it 😀
    The first game I got was Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Ported my 370+ hour
    save onto it from my PSP and I’m happy – the colors are just amazing!!! I
    just can’t go back to the PSP 😀
    But one thing to note – the PS Vita D-pad and buttons are all smaller,
    which I fould a bit less comfy to play on compared to my PSP. But I’ll get
    used to it :D

  11. Just got my psvita slim^_^

  12. Is psn free for the vita or do you have to pay just like the ps4?

  13. can u use 3th party themes like on ps3? cuz i really like the iOS 8 theme
    on my ps3 :P

  14. I think this is the better than Ps3’or Xbox.

  15. I am thinking of getting one of these should i? and is it basically just a
    portable Ps3/Ps4?

  16. To play online do you have to pay?

  17. Waissultan Noorzad

    Sold I’m buying one , can’t wait to play legend of dragoon.

  18. I always wanted a ps4 but screw it get ps vita and after that ps4

  19. Can you play psone classics on the vita?

  20. Im gonna buy one later, what game should I buy first?

  21. Liamromanwilliams

    This changed my look on the vita. I’m gonna get one now :)!!!

  22. The PS VITA is awesome.

  23. I have this version and I love haveing a white vita and how the blue light
    glows underneath

  24. Ps vita is the best.

  25. So. . I’m saving up for a Vita.
    is it worth it? I really need a handheld console because I’m easily bored
    when I travel lol. At first I was thinking of getting an iPad but meh.. PS
    Vita is for GAMING, which is my highest priority when looking for devices. 

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