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Sony PSP 3000 Review

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  1. Greetings, Could anyone tell me which is the thinnest of all PSP? I’m just
    thinking about buying one but want the best and thin to look good, if
    someone says I would greatly appreciate it (:

  2. Psp is better then ALL HAND HELD DEVICES graphis quality video GAMES movies
    are practily high definitions hugh screen and over all the meanest looking
    handheld system off all time and still is today weather its old or not THE

  3. Stickmasterluke R

    the psp was made for (7-16) in my opinion 

  4. How to start a Nintendo Fanboy/Playstation Fanboy Fight club: Post your
    opinions and wait till some idiot comes in and talks stupid to you!!!!!

  5. Actually I got one and it never cam with a microphone or whatever. The port
    is for a cord that hooks up to your TV and transports what the psp has on
    it’s screen, It’s like a portable handheld console related to the features
    of the PS2 and 3 and 4.

  6. Wow the psp menu is similar to the ps3 menu. Also i’m planning to get a ps

  7. it doesn’t open the PlayStation store it takes you home 

  8. Im getting one for 1$

  9. why r u unboxing a psp now

  10. I love NBA2k10 on the psp. But I love my psvita better than a psp.ummmmm

  11. Someone that understands!!!
    It is 1 million times better than the ds.
    Sony just seems to know what they do, in temrs of graphics nintendo is
    always one step behind.

  12. Sebastisn Vazquez

    I would also be one of thoes instead of a vita i would buy psp 

  13. This video is waste for me as I don’t have a psp

  14. It isn’t OBVIOUSLY better than the DS. That is completely debatable.

  15. Sebastisn Vazquez

    Dont judge peoples opinion but my opinion psp is way better

  16. i got a psp 3000 1000 2000 

  17. I have a psp 3000 silver

  18. Rapping Slender Man

    and it is blue

  19. i have got ix box one

  20. Umm no, this isn’t better than the 3DS. You can really only compare the 3DS
    with the Vita and in the case of sales, 3DS is winning

  21. Rapping Slender Man

    I got one today

  22. you even posted the same comment twice

  23. ps4

  24. This video is waste for me as I don’t have a psp

  25. After thinking it through, Im going for this version instead of the 1000

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