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RGF – Original Nintendo DS

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  1. Hey, if the notch is in the cartridges, then why do Gameboy Avances systems
    play Gameboy and Gameboy Color games too? 

  2. Is the screens frontlit like the 2003 frontlit gba sp?

  3. Haha you said Wii twice on this video. Other than that great video go get
    a like and a sub from me.

  4. This channel is no longer in use. My new channel is in this channel's description.

    +KchannelV You gotta think, though, this was the original DS. This console
    is the granddaddy of the DS family.

  5. How do I get switch the ds game screen to bottom

  6. Christopher Corkill-Broderick

    Sounds like you said that you got it from a porn shop

  7. do not be in your computer room when you do videos – ‘bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzm…
    bzzzzm’ sound ruins it a bit. Otherwise a thumbs up.

  8. can you hook up a link cable for this? you know like the one for gba to
    trade the pokemons

  9. gaming and console tech

    Im a collector myself dude and to be fair its a nice console to have.

  10. There is no YouTube app, actually.

  11. This nintendo is not good, i have DSi XL, it’s better !

  12. He’s lying, there is actually no YouTube app.

  13. Get a 3ds‚ some new cool features have come like home button‚ folders and

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