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Chilla Frilla – PlayStation 3 Slim Unboxing and Review (HD) 720p

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  1. wow you are stupid that is not a slim where on the box do you see slim
    retard the only slim is the super slim and you people called it slim it do
    not make it slim and there is nothing slim about it retard.

  2. is there someone who knows where to get one at a low price? 

  3. is slim better than super slim?

  4. does anyone know how likely this model is to get a yellow light

  5. Assassins creed iv

  6. I don’t have any gaming consoles :(. God damn I want one so bad!!!

  7. hey! I saw this on ebay and im wondering if ur selling it with 3.55
    firmware wich I will be able to jailbreak correct?

  8. Talking about Bluray, should I get L.A Noire for Xbox or PS3? Because
    Bluray loses data… And should I wait for the PC version of GTA 5? 

  9. Can you put your gameplays on yt from the ps3

  10. @mark It’s a lot less likely than the original PS3. While some PS3 Slim
    consoles may break, the YLOD is basically an issue that is almost
    nonexistent for the PS3 Slim.

  11. I will trade my ps3 slim perfect condition with a controller, throat MIC,
    GTA V installed on hard drive, the last of us game disk, and assassins
    creed game disk for a Wii U, or sell for $250 txt (210)762-8915 before
    07/14/2014 as my phone will be deactivated, serious inquires only.

  12. Take that, YLOD!

  13. gameing addiction

    Is it really glossy because I don’t like glossy consoles

  14. i dont need 2 pay 5$ per mounth 2 play online like ps4 or what and i can
    play bf4 online for free ? pls answer ^^

  15. I want a PS3 & PS4. & yeah. you get to go the PlayStation Store. & download
    PS2 System Data. for the PS3.

  16. Nice review and unboxing! Want one so badly!

  17. I also bought a PS3 Slim right after it got announced for $299. It came
    with a 120GB Toshiba HDD. A few days ago I’ve bought a 500GB Western
    Digital Scorpio Blue 5400rpm Sata600 HDD which is very cheap nowadays. The
    PS3 Slim with 500GB HDD will make it a Monster 😀 !!!

  18. Nice

  19. So old and yet so cool to see.

  20. 320GB

  21. ahAHAHAH.yEAA.For 30 days I go to shop and buy Playstation 3 with game THE
    LAST OF US and GTA 5

  22. leelon witherspoon

    Good unboxing

  23. +ericl1998 rly?or is it just sarcasm?-_-cause its not funny rly

  24. no its not

  25. This channel has been dead for 2 years. Don’t subscribe. 

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