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Amazon Fire TV Review!

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Attn: Amazon Fire TV Owners - Get the Most Entertainment Out of Your TV Streaming Device (Most Owners Never Do!)
"I’ve owned high-end Rokus, a Samsung SmartTV, and an Apple TV and have never seen a media streaming player move so quickly.” — TechCrunch

"Don't underestimate Amazon's inclusion of gaming on Fire TV. It's the real deal.” — The Street

Everyone’s singing the Fire TV’s praise, but with SO MANY FEATURES most users fail to experience the benefits f



  1. does it do emulation?

  2. I love having my Fire Tv, it’ll reduce a lot of the wear and tear on my
    ps3, I put XBMC on it and stream all my server files.

  3. So who’s tried Amazon Fire TV? Thoughts?

  4. Lol this looks terrible, idk why anyone would want this. Just buy a decent
    PC, there’s gaming, movies, tv, music, internet, etc. Sure it’ll cost a bit
    more, but the possibilities are endless with PC gaming.

  5. TheExplodingBeanWagon

    Call me curious,but soldier were you in the military or is that just your
    screen name?

  6. Will this work in Australia?

  7. I have Apple TV box and it’s much better then this Amazon one 

  8. I’m gonna get something like this once my Live membership runs out so I
    still have my entertainment 

  9. Love the Voice Search feature of Amazon Fire TV. Also like the remote better than the Apple TV’s remote.

  10. what was the shooter you were playing?

  11. Or get an Xbox 

  12. Gaaaary Bussseyyy!

  13. Cool

  14. DiamondDestroyer


  15. Hahah he tried to search himself lol

  16. Dragon Ballsy XD LOL

  17. We’ve used an Apple TV for a few years but voice search feature on this one
    sounds promising.

  18. DragonRiderNetwork

    Awesome review! I agree that this is definitely a great starting point for
    Amazon and as time goes on we will see even more incredible content like
    game and movies come to Fire TV as well. Definitely something to keep an
    eye on for the future.

  19. “Dragon Ballsy” LOL

  20. Roku is better.

  21. Can you put xbmc on it, like the apple tv 2?

  22. You were in the movie “Bling”?

  23. Android? Put XBMC on it and ill buy it 🙂
    the UI looks better then the AppleTV anyways

  24. I can easily hookup my laptop to my TV through HDMI and I have a bluetooth
    mouse to add to that so no thank you.

  25. just got one last week! really enjoying it so far, the voice search is

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