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Xbox One: A year in Review

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  1. Booredatwork.com

    @Horace Kelly all wallpapers are on my Anime/Comic Pinterest page

  2. My xbox one is very laggy. I was at my friends house and his console
    doesn’t lag as much and I do have better internet. The keyboard is
    laggy,the notifications, snapping between apps and games…
    It also doesn’t respond fast. For ex. wenn i klick on the xbox button on
    the controller to shut down the console, it would sometimes take over 10
    sec to bring up the shut down icon. Tried multiple times to send the
    console to repair but I always getting errors wenn I’m in the online
    service centre 

  3. the analog sticks are complete shit. I literally HAVE to use kontrol

  4. shaqiel albertus

    should i buy xbox one or PS4?

  5. PS4 does it for me, only game I want to play on Xbox is gears of war, best
    game ever in my opinion. 

  6. i love all these reveiws they are really helpful keep it up man

  7. A little bulky?? Now your being a little generous….Also, it’s $350
    without Kinect for XB1 via current seasonal promotion.

  8. What game were you playing? Underwater FPS?

  9. Do a ps4 one

  10. Great review. I agree most the things said on your video. I have both PS4
    and Xbox One and enjoy gaming more on the Xbox One. The AAA console
    exclusives games, features such as Xbox Live and console features are
    great. I have bought a few PS4 multi-format games to get the little more
    res and frame rate that includes Watch Dogs and The Evil Within. I have
    seen those games running on Xbox One (my mate got them on Xbox One), it’s
    really difficult to see much of a difference. You may noticed a little bit
    if you have both versions of the games side by side. I just needed the
    games on PS4 as exclusives are lacking as I only have Killzone, Knack,
    Infamous and The last of us.

  11. Great review brother i will add you.

  12. Is Battlefield 4 worth it for next gen I don’t think so but my friend does
    I don’t know what to do waste money and buy the game or just not get it?
    Please Help.

  13. Your review is very good and informative, but you really need more b-roll
    (shots of the console, the UI, etc).

    Also, you leave way too much headroom when filming yourself. A good medium
    shot would be more engaging and effective. The choice of background is also
    a little bland, and the pattern on your t-shirt doesn’t show well on camera
    (and clashes with the background pattern on the wall).

    A little music would really help liven the review up and keep the viewers
    engaged (the average attention span is 3 minutes). Finally, you need a fade
    and a few seconds of black at the end (the last frame of the vid should be

    I’m only trying to give helpful feedback. Again, solid review.

  14. I couldn’t be happier with my Xbone. Everyone was saying the games weren’t
    going to be up to par with PS4. And now after a year, the games are far
    superior than PS4 IMO. At least the exclusives and selection. And the
    functionality of the Xbone with the Kinect just makes the gaming (and
    media) experience fantastic. Xbox, record that! I’ll be getting a PS4 soon
    as well. So don’t get on my ass PS4 fanboys. I loved my 360 and all my
    Playstations before. Sure I’ll enjoy the PS4 as well.

  15. If I add u can u add me on Xbox live, username:drizzydrew98

  16. I still remember last year’s official XBox One reveal conference and how
    much of a disaster that was. That conference was a failure on so many
    levels – from DRM and “online authentication every 24 hours” requirements,
    not allowing sharing and trade of used games, to the requirement of the
    Kinnect to be plugged into the XBox One at all times. Whatever Microsoft’s
    grand “vision” was for the XBox One leading up to 2013 E3, we can now rest
    assured that those intended aspirations are extinct. The colossal negative
    public response to all those XBox One policies & features forced Microsoft
    to abandon them like the plague, in an effort to be even considered as a
    viable competitor to the PS4.

    The damage was already done and it was severe. Since the release of the
    consoles the PS4 has mercilessly raped the XBox1 in sales. Sony sold nearly
    twice as many consoles as Microsoft, even though Microsoft resorted to
    desperate measures like selling a cheaper package without the Kinnect or
    cheaper bundles with exclusive titles. The XB1 will sell for $350 next week
    (down from $500 last year around this time), but it’s unlikely to really
    help catch up with PS4 sales. The PS4 is simply the better console in terms
    of specs, and it doesn’t look like a heavy, bulky, ugly VCR with a separate
    power brick. Microsoft failed so hard with this generation of XBox, I bet
    they’re already working really hard on “XBox Two” to fix the failing and
    dying XBox-One brand.

  17. Best evolving console. Xbox one wins it.

  18. PLEASE CHANGE YOUR INTRO 🙁 it’s boring 

  19. Tias Henckel Holtse

    If you made another form om videoes and raised your quality just a little
    bit, you would get so freakin many subs

  20. I love everything about the XB1 from the start. Controller was a huge
    improvement from 360 especially how they improved the sticks with a much
    better feel even for killer instinct. The preview update dashboard program
    is the best thing they did for the system. Idk I feel like the online
    connection on X1 felt alot better on PS4 for me

  21. I want avatars back bring windows 10 with cortana and fix controller
    deadzone they are bringing a SLIM VERSION so as long as they make new ips
    and bring back exclusives and get better indies I think i am satisfied with
    these consoles! I just wished valve made more games this generation! where
    are all the 3s you know what i mean portal 3 etc and the rip off movie
    games hopefully make a comeback lol i just want more!

  22. I want a xbox1

  23. I can sum this up in 2 words: it sucked! Only 2 games worth playing in it
    is Diablo 3 and Pier Solar. 

  24. Good review 

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