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Classic Game Room – Wii U console review

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  1. The Wii U destroys PS4/Bone with its games alone.

  2. I love Nintendo.. I would get a Wii u in a heartbeat if they could play
    FIFA games as well as all the fun, light-hearted games. Are they making a
    new fire emblem? I loved the shit out of the GBA games.

  3. Wii U definitely has the best fan service Nintendo has done in their
    consoles. Not only does it once again have the Virtual Console service on
    the eShop, but rather than simply playing Wii games on the main Wii U menu,
    you can go to Wii Mode and enjoy having a Wii within a Wii U.

    And not only does the Wii Mode have the Wii menu and exact style, but it
    also has the Wii Shop. So you can play your Wii Virtual Console on your Wii
    U. And as a result, we now have several more consoles available on your Wii
    U aside from what their own eShop includes. We get the Turbografx, Neo Geo,
    Arcade games and so much more.

    Nintendo truly has shined again, but most of you fail to see how good it
    does the little things that we seem to overlook all the time. I mean,
    really how can we say it sucks? And, if we’re constantly bashing and saying
    how the old games are better, then WHY ARE WE BASHING THE WII U WHEN IT HAS
    SO MANY OF THOSE SAME TITLES AVAILABLE?! It is honestly so retarded that
    you bash a system that can play the systems you love.

    Even if it isn’t the same controller, you have to understand third-parties
    have made remakes of NES, SNES and N64 controllers capable of being plugged
    into the Wiimote as a Nunchuck would. Oh, remember how the Wii U also
    supports the use of Wiimotes? So that also flaws your argument of “Doesn’t
    feel like it plays the same.” But, you know, if you want an even more
    authentic experience of having to turn off the system to put the game in
    place again then by ALL MEANS feel free to bash your Wii U in a few times
    so it fails to load things properly. Ah, the nostalgia is killing me

    But, I guess that doesn’t matter. The argument will probably switch back to
    “It lacks so many new games” again anyway just so they can find another
    flaw wrong with this system. The Wii U is just as underrated as the SEGA
    Saturn is, we always see something as stupid just because it has low sales
    or little relevance. But, we just have to stop and actually LOOK at what we
    are agreeing with sucks. Maybe, we ourselves did not actually think this
    way, but rather decided to cause everyone else did.

    Oh, and I don’t mean to be extremely offensive to those who actually do
    collect the old consoles and like the experience better, I just want to
    give the haters a reason not to hate anymore and am trying to make several
    points that the Wii U is literally the best system around to play all the
    classics you love again, literally even the same exact way as they were
    played due to all the controller options. I apologize if any collectors
    took offense to my preaching, the ranting was not meant to be guided at you
    just the people who decide to treat the Wii U like complete shit.

    If Wii U owners benefited from this comment, then I am glad to be of
    assistance. Go enjoy playing Metal Slug and Rondo of Blood on your Wii U
    now, I know I sure as hell have! And I still recommend people purchase a
    Wii U soon, because once Mario Kart 8 gets its DLC, Super Smash Bros hits
    the shelves and we finally get Gamecube games on the Virtual Console, then
    it really will be one of Nintendo’s best since it can play literally EVERY
    console they have ever made. That certainly will put a damper on all the
    Wii U haters who want to go back to the old days, cause now you can do it
    all again in HD, with any controller you want courtesy of third-party
    developers and even in the original 4:3 if you wish, since the games are
    automatically put that way anyway. So the Wii U is Nintendo’s best system
    they have ever made, since it expanded the Wii’s well-known features and
    can now do everything imaginable that you once thought was not. So sit
    down, drink a SURGE now that they’re back on the market and play Super
    Mario 64 on Wii Mode on Wii U with your third-party N64 controller to
    relive those glorious childhood memories once again!

    Brought to you by Nintendo and Coca-Cola’s really intelligent decision to
    bring back SURGE.

  4. Wii U is the best console of this generation, because of the games!
    Nintendo is making the best games right now.

  5. I have all new consoles so I know what im talking about…
    3ds line up is poor
    Wii u games are far too slow at being released…
    Nintendo has the power to do it…
    Its like the ass has fell out of the company wii u has loads of
    possibilities take mario kart 8 for instance its amazing…only a hand full
    of games due and non will top that game…
    They could well end up like sega

  6. I feel bad for those morons who think they have to avoid Nintendo because
    it isn’t worth the money. Truth be told: ever since 2002 all you need to
    do is maintain a functioning PC and buy Ninty consoles then you are set to
    play 95% of all decent games on the market. This comes from a guy who
    likes each console brand out on the market.

  7. 4:33 my new wallpaper.

  8. So is the Wii u worth the money or the original Wii I can decide

  9. Im 35, and it was very cool to see those old video games…remind me of my
    childhood…loved it… :)

  10. Nintendo + Apple = Console with OP hardware, and the finest software and

  11. It’s been out for nearly 2 years and I still don’t have it! I’ve played it,
    just not at my house. Mainly demos at WalMart.

  12. Werid, how i’m on the wii U posting this :P

  13. “its basicly the new dreamcast” daaaammnnn that’s harsh LOLOLOL

  14. Ha, good on you for all the Vectrex love! That is one of my favorite
    consoles… or whatever it is. (mini-arcade) But yeah, it hurts to talk
    about it because I no longer own it it due to a situation that is painful
    to bring up. Sigh… I hope there are always Vectrexes out there and they
    don’t become extinct or unobtainable. BTW, love the Wii U too, even though
    I’ve only messed with it in the store.

  15. Giovanni Castaldo

    Love the ending

  16. Nintendo needs to do this:
    -Get 3rd party support! EA won’t support it, actually, they hate it, COD
    adv. warfare will not be out for it, and many others have stop making games
    for it. No support/games>total failure.
    -Sell it without the gamepad, it will problably make it faster because you
    don’t need 2 screens running at the same time.
    -Make a bundle without the display controller, use a regular controller
    instead, and make it for the gamers, but still make it for the family.

    The WII U would sell better if there was more games and support.
    Look at xbox one, they had to dump the kinect to get 1080p with 30fps.
    Sacrifice, every idea is not sucessful.

  17. Bought a Wii U on sale today for the sole reason of playing Smash Bros Wii
    U with the gamecube controller. Got Mario Kart 8 with the system as well

  18. the wii u controller battery life is very poor

  19. if nintendo ever goes into hard times all they have to do is make a pokemon
    wii u version and it will be the same story as the first final fantasy.

  20. Hey can you still buy games from the virtual shop from the (ORIGINAL WII)
    now since the wii u is out?

  21. Yeah, instructions are made not to be read.

  22. Sega game gear was the crack on portables in my opinion..I never had it as
    a kid but I liked it cuz it was the only one with color at the time GB was
    way behind game gear..

  23. charlesbaxton131

    Does it play Truxton? 

  24. This is why I love Mark,
    everyone compares the Wii U controller to the modern tablet PCs.
    He compares it to the Vectrex and Dreamcast.


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