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Wii U Video Review – IGN Reviews


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  • Get a visual feel for how well you are doing through charts and graphs that show burned calories, distance traveled, steps taken and more.
  • Play using the peripheral of your choice, including the DanceDanceRevolution (DDR) Wii controller, the Wii Remote and Nunchuk or the Wii Balance Board.
Get off the couch and get moving to the beat of over a hundred hot songs! Step to the beat of hot hits like the Black Eyed Peas’s “Boom Boom Pow” and Demi Lovato’s “La La Land” and explore a unique in-game world you create with each step you take! It’s a fun and easy way for the whole family to get their hearts pumping! Experience a revolutionary and unique workout where walking to the beat of great music unlocks an exciting in-game world. Keep movin' to the beat of all your favori

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  1. I would get this console if it had like really great games.

  2. So I can put my Wii discs into the Wii U and it plays?

  3. I have a Wii U + 3DS for the Nintendo exclusives, and a PC for everything

  4. So im a current PS4 owner and was considering the XB1 until i realized it
    was pointless since i already have a PS4, so i’m leaning towards the Wii u
    especially after watching this and E3 showing the new Zelda and Super Smash
    Bros. ect but i just want to get some opinions from you guys now and see if
    it’s worth getting now. Thanks

  5. Super Smash Bros.? Mario Kart 8? *New* Super Mario Bros. U? Super Mario
    3D World? ALL IN 1080p!?!

    I think I’ve been convinced to buy a Wii U.

  6. The GameCube was pretty decent, but there hasn’t been a great Nintendo
    since the 64… I’m not a fanboy of anything but I honestly can’t
    understand now why anyone buy this over the Xbox one or ps4, maybe I’m
    missing something?

  7. Antivillan Xtitan

    is the wii u bad? or not im thinking of buying one but AHHHHHHHH PS4 BUT

  8. all that’s missing is a dildo port on the WiiU pad so you can suck and blow
    on that shit while burning your money away on that uncomfortable hunk of

    All consoles suck dick. So do handhelds.

  9. Can u take the old memory from the wii? 

  10. pc master race!

  11. Funny. The Wii U is the only GOOD console out right now.

  12. sameer Bashrahil

    they have only three games
    bayonetta 2
    mario 3d world
    legend of zelda
    just !!!

  13. A new mario and zelda kids will be pleased.

  14. welcome to opinion land, also known as the IGN comment section. this is
    where people come from all around to say their opinion, while also pissing
    everyone off.

  15. So are they still gonna make new games for wii????

  16. This review kind of “expired” since Nintendo is improving the Wii U with
    new updates.

  17. I am an Xbox One user and I was thinking a little while back of buying a
    PS4. But they are the same fucking console! Wii U is the only unique one!

  18. i need an opinion. Im planning on getting a wii u but heres the problem.
    Which one do i get? I heard theres a refurbished one for the deluxe and it
    doesn’t come with the extra accessories that comes with it, like the holder
    for the gamepad and the console. Please, help me. This decision is driving
    me insane.

  19. The Wii U has made great strides in updating it’s software since it’s
    release in 2012. Everything works so much better and it is a blast to play
    with. I give it a 9.0 for just being one of the coolest and most
    technologically advanced systems on the market.

  20. somone’s a bit biased 

  21. Plus u can make 3000 miis if u like to make hundreds of miis all day like
    me ull luv it

  22. I have a ps4 3ds and a wii u…. The 3ds is the best by far… 

  23. If there’s any game i would die for to play on Nintendo Wii, it’s Dragon
    Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Already mastered the game on PS2, and would
    really like to play it on the Wii. I bet it’s stunning. Other games? No,
    thanks. For every movement interacting games like that, Xbox is the main
    with Kinect. :)

  24. Benjamin Affliction

    Does anyone recommend a Wii U? Is it worth the money? Does it have good
    games? I also was wondering if old Zelda games can be played on it, as in
    available for download in the Nintendo store or something?

  25. I just bought a Wii U about a week ago with Mario Kart 8 and I was so
    exited about it YES It’s a really good game, the Wii U is pretty decent but
    lacks titles and support. But once I finished Mario Kart 8 I got tired of
    it, so I sold it. There really are no games that I’m interested in so I’m
    back with my PS3 (I had to buy another PS3 because I had sold the other one
    I had) I learned my lesson, Nintendo is just not worth it anymore.

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