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Nintendo 3DS vs 3DS XL vs 2DS Review


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  1. Should i get a used 3ds xl(130€) or used 3ds (100€) or NEW 2ds (109€) i
    want the handheld to last up to 2 years. Which should i get? I heard that
    2ds gets slower everytime you use it.

  2. 3DS is better, it’s smaller and more portable. The XL isn’t that great, the
    PPI doesn’t change, they just stretch the screen so the quality of the
    games looks like crap on it. 

  3. My birthday is is next week and I STILL CAN’T THINK ABOUT WHAT 3DS TO BUY!
    (I DON’T WANT A 2DS)

  4. All I want is to play pokemon on one of these and I do not care about
    having the 3d feature or not. Which one do I get?

  5. Guys i need your help cause probably getting it at december so i need help
    3ds xl or 2ds i have about 170 dollars right now 

  6. Eugen-andrei koliban

    Guys what games do U recommend for Nintendo 3DS XL ???

  7. Why are people saying the 2DS is for kids? We all know it’s for cheap fucks
    (like me).

  8. Im a twelve year old boy and im wondering about buying a 2ds (because of
    the price) but will i be able to play this in public? (English is not my
    native language)

  9. Jordan McNeill (Frodo Baggins)

    man i want a 3ds soooooo bad. but mah mom and dad maby might not get it for
    my b-day (wich is coming up) i already have like a gameboy, a ds lite, dsi,
    a wii, a computer, a laptop, a dvd player, a keyboard, 2 pianos, and a
    portable dvd player. yeah… i have alot of stuff for a kid my age

  10. I’m a little curious because I do not have much time at the moment, which
    system out of those three has the most battery life? if one one of them has
    a longer battery life.

  11. ☯ HeroOfTheBroken シ

    Guys help me out… I’m debating about either the 3DS or XL, I like the
    glossy finish and how more portable the 3DS is, but then I see 3DS has
    better arrangement of the DS pen and microphone port, and I also like the
    longer battery life obviously. But I’m wondering is the XL TOO big? There
    are no display models in the store and I have no idea on how it will feel
    in my hands. I previously had a 3DS and it felt fine (maybe a bit small)
    but then I lost it a long time ago but now I worked my way up to gain money
    and buy a new one. Thanks!

  12. Cqn u please do dsi xl vs th 3ds xl

  13. I have a dsi im good with that

  14. Is it possible to trade in a 3ds for a 2ds at GameStop? The 3ds makes my
    hands cramp, and my sis has the 2ds, and it is so much more comfortable! I
    like to play for long periods of time, so is that a thing that I can do?

  15. Should I get a 3DS XL or a Wii U?

  16. zombiehunterplaysgames

    I am thinking of upgrading. Which should I get. 3ds or 2ds. I really don’t
    mind 3d but I would lave it off. I really don’t have big trips or go to
    places like malls or any of that. I don’t want the Xl. I just don’t. I just
    can’t decide.

  17. Im Still trying to choose between a 3ds or 3ds XL, i want the 3ds XL cause
    it has a bigger screen and can fit in your hands better, BUT some people
    say the graphics look blocky, how would Pokemon X and Y look on the 3ds XL?
    Idk can someone tell me how it looks, does it have good graphics? I kinda
    dont want the 3ds but then again.. it has better graphics… :/ Hmmmm…

  18. CallMeMysterious

    relating to battery life at 4:00 i haven’t played my dsi xl in about a
    year, and it still was at two bars. AMAZING!

  19. Enthyas Geometry Dash

    I own a 2ds! And I love it!

  20. MG2003Comedian VGCP

    3ds is better

  21. what is your favorite 3ds? (Reply to this comment)

  22. Not sure why people are using the 3D as a reason to get the 2DS when you
    can clearly turn the 3D off. It comes down to if you want the damn thing to
    close or not lol

  23. I have a question, should I get a 2DS because of the cheaper price (and I
    could care less about 3d) or get the 3DS XL because of the larger screen
    but a really big price tag? I want to get a ds for the upcoming Smash Bros
    but am scared that the screen will be to small for it! Please reply, thx!
    (I also heard that the 2ds feels better than both and I don’t mind how it

  24. 3ds rocks and ps vita sucks no offence i wish the ps vita did better but i
    mean they sold 38 million 3ds and only 7 million ps vitas

  25. I NEED a 3DS XL because the regular 3DS is too small for my hands now. 🙁
    That’s what puberty does I guess. :(

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