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IGN Reviews – PS Vita – Review (2013)


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  1. After playing the Smash demo, it seems that the Vita never really had a
    chance against the 3DS. 

  2. The Original PlayStation Vita is better than PS Vita Slim, because the
    Original PlayStation Vita has an OLED Screen, whereas PS Vita Slim only has
    an LCD Screen … also, why did the IGN reviewer say Nintendo 3DS is
    untouchable? That’s definitely open to argument

  3. Seriously vita owners, what do you guys do about memory? I’m struggling! I
    have 2 8GB memory cards and they are no where near enough even though I
    have a limited library! My 3DS on the other hand has only a 4GB memory card
    and it still has plenty of room even with my expansive library

  4. what game was playing at 2:24?

  5. How much does the ps vita slim cost

  6. Would like a good handheld but i remember the old psp: the pool of “really
    good” games wasnt massive and the graphics were inbetween ps2 and 3. How
    good is the ps vita in these areas

  7. I know both Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL both have a slider where you
    can turn off the 3D if its bothering you, but that doesn’t make Nintendo
    3DS untouchable … PlayStation Vita has Better Graphics, Nintendo 3DS and
    Nintendo 3DS XL have 3D, which in my opinion, is bad for your eyesight. 

  8. I have a little question about the vita! I have it, I love it, but the vita
    is kinda broken I think? Because when I bought it in 2012 it was fine but
    when It was almost a year since I bought it, when the vita would be fully
    charged it would say low battery then show the battery empty then a few
    seconds it would be full again then it would say low battery and then my
    vita would die so I would keep turning it on and the battery was full. Is
    there anyway what’s happening to the vita?

  9. Should I get this new and slim PS Vita or the old PS Vita. I’m not trying
    to say that the old PS Vita is bad. So please answer back. PLEASE!!!

  10. How to save PS Vita:

    1. Stick with the price of $199.99
    2. Discontinue the Slim version because it’s not that good
    3. Bundle the game with a pre-installed Uncharted Golden Abyss
    4. Bundle Murasaki Baby with it (I have a gut feeling it would sell good)
    5. More platforming and adventure titles (crash spyro like)
    6. Make more colors and versions (Nathan drake or cole)
    7. Less 3rd party games, no one buys hand helds cuz of that
    8. Make some AAA titles and get more devs (make a infamous spin-off and
    wheres that bioshock vita?)

    I believe the PS VIta deserves more attention sony! Just make smart
    Tams up if you agree!

  11. I play my PSVita everyday! Minecraft was made for it. 

  12. So i have the older ps vita, should i get this to replace mine? or just
    keep my old one? 

  13. I have a PS Vita Slim, and all I can say is:
    I don’t care if it did not sell as well as the 3DS
    I don’t care if it does not have as many good AAA games as the 3DS
    I don’t care if the memory cards for it are expensive

    I just frickin love this thing :D

  14. Official Fancy Waffle

    Should I get this or a 3ds?

  15. Thinking about selling mine… memory is expensive and good games are
    rare….. Honestly use my 3ds a lot more…

  16. This is an awesome Vita Deal. Wish i didnt have one already:(


  17. Finally got a vita and a ps4. Remote play is so awesome, I can take sit on
    the toilet and play ps4 now. I can even travel abroad with my vita and use
    remote play connected to my ps4 from thousands of miles away, over the

  18. May i know what is the title of the game at 2:20, the one in space. Thanks!

  19. what do you guys think the next playstation portable device will be called
    and what you would you say the specs would be, I’m not sure on the name but
    I think its going to have 1gb of ram with a 720p or 1080i display, with
    power matching or better than a ps3. so then crossplay will be with this
    and the ps4 will be available just like the vita and the ps3

  20. PS Vita is turning out to be sorta a flop in the western scene but the
    Japanese game market for psvita is quite large so :P.

  21. Plz put glass screen not plastic plz

  22. If you think hard about this, PS Vita can be pretty fun.

  23. I loved Sonys PSP and i’m sure I will Love the PSvita even more.Sony always
    finds away.Also if they were smart like Xbox they would have more money.If
    they charged for online,but they would still need to deliver some
    reassurence to gamers and sometimes it just takes a good game.Like Halo for
    xbox and Killzone for Playstation.

  24. I have a ps4 should I get one

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