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Review: Sony PSP 3000 (Piano Black)

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  1. Angelo Serafimoski

    Guys worth trading ps2 for psp?

  2. i just bought one for £40 psp 3000 boxed with games etc hacked it now play
    games off my memory card woooo

  3. IDK what psp model that is highly prone to corrupt the memory stick is it
    the 2000 or the 3000?? I forgotten my psp model the only way I can repair
    my corrupted PSP is by inserting a new memory stick and that memory stick
    is so called “chicken”mode so I can play again.so what model is
    corruptible? 3000 or 2000?

  4. *sigh*……

  5. WHAT DID U SAY ABOUT NETENDO CUNT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. great video.

  7. how awesome is your voice!!!!

  8. I have e1004 but I want this one but they discontinued it :'( 

  9. brent pinanonang

    Does it have games already in the memory stick when you just recently
    bought it?
    I hate umd’s.

  10. Vitalina Masitabua

    I love sony to

  11. Is thare a PS store 

  12. Thank you for this helpful review. definitely buying one now 

  13. vishal padmanabhan

    for how long will the psp battery last

  14. Jurgen Cuschieri

    its a 4.3 inch display

  15. the vita SUCKS!

  16. bucklow game,vita is amazing man!!!

  17. How much

  18. Татьяна Иващенко

    I have better

  19. How do u put it on recovery mode just got one 2 months ago

  20. The Diamond Sword

    dello304!dello340! your review is so awesome man!

  21. i love your psp

  22. Christ this is hard to watch. I quit.

  23. Brandy Camposano

    Where do you get PSP from

  24. WTF, there weren’t four speakers on the original PSP…

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