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Gaming PC on Core i7 5960X Extreme. 4K x 3 – Walk-through.

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  1. Watercool this bitch…

  2. With a gamepad LOL.

  3. On max settings ? 

  4. wow, that is ridiculous. bit overkill even for 12k on crysis 3, but I bet
    it can kill some video processing.

  5. For the gamers – the fastest gaming rig you can build today. It drives 3
    4K monitors. 12K gaming!

  6. that’s not 12k resolution

  7. hahaha, That PSU looks like it’s being choked for air.

  8. Nvidia GTX 980 Rules! 

  9. Yeah, but how well does it play ‘pong’?

  10. That is pretty impressive. I am saving up money so I can build a beast like

  11. 3:00 crazy stuff < rofl

  12. What is the kabinet name becores i Like then 

  13. fucking idiot, worst computer ever, terrible cooling this isn’t the fucking
    best gaming computer, 4 290xs can destroy the titan, even 4 780tis can
    destroy the titan. the 780tis have more fps in gaming

  14. Four SSD in RAID 0 !!!!!
    Just amazing 

  15. Алмат Байтенов
  16. That must be expensive, the CPU alone is around 1000€, each GPU 900€. The
    only red DDR4 corsair rams I find in the market now are 16gb kits. Two of
    them would be 32GB for 600€. PSU 350€. 4x 300€ for the SSDs. Corsair case
    100€. Gigabyte Mainboard 250€. I come to a total of around 7100€! But I
    guess it is more a proof of concept

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